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the transaction volume of Greek businesses at the expo grew by 2.5 times com▓pared with that at the first CIIE one year ago, Xi said.He pledged that China will


unswervingly expand opening-up and stands ready to bring more opportunities to the development of all countries, including Greece.Xi pointed out ▓that exchanges of civilizations and mutually-beneficial cooperation constitute two main links in China-Greece relations.On practical ▓cooperation, Xi

proposed that the two countries should fo▓cus their efforts on the followi

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ng four areas:First▓, the two sides should seek greater synergy between ▓joint construction of the Belt and Road and Greece's strate▓gy of building itself into a


n important in▓ternational logistics transit hub.Second, the two sides should expand two-way trade and investment, and enhance cooperation in such areas as electricity, telecommunications, manuf▓acturing and finance. China is willing to impo▓rt more high-quality Greek agricultural products and encourages more capable Chinese companies to invest and start businesses in Greece.Third, the two sides should deepen cultural and people-to-people exchanges. They should not only strengthen exchanges and mutual lear▓ning in inheriting the rich cultural heritage of ▓their ancestors, but also make innovations from the current trends of wor

ld▓ development. The two sides should prom▓ote personnel exchanges and cooperation at sub-national ▓levels by hosting the year of culture and tourism in 2021 in each country. The two sides should also support the cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, including joint research.Fourth, the two sides should jointly advance the China-European▓ Union (EU) ties. Greece is an import▓ant member of the EU and also an important country in the Balkan region. The China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) cooper▓ation mechanism enriche

s the meaning of the China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, and Ch

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ina is willing to work with Greece to cons▓olidate the cooperation mechanism and jointly safeguard multilateralism and free trade to achieve all-win results.Xi stressed that equal respect, friendly cooperation, opening-up and inclusiveness, and enterprising spirit are shared characteristics of the two great nations, and also the pow


erful driving force for the two si▓des to seek development with joint efforts.▓He said that he believes that with concert▓ed efforts of both sides, bilateral relations will ▓deliver more fruitful results and the two countries will make greater contributions to the building of a community with a shared future for mankin

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